UAE blocks internet access to descrambling codes for pay TV

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority imposes new measures to protect pay TV channels from internet users who download illegal descrambling codes!

The UAE federal authorities have unplugged television viewers who descramble pay TV channels by downloading illegal pay TV encryption codes from the internet.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority ITRA) claims it is now the first country in the world to block websites that provide black market pay TV encryption data to viewers who use the information to bypass scrambled satellite and cable signals.

On Monday, the TRA said it will "protect pay channels' rights on the internet".
The new measures will "protect intellectual property rights", the authority said.

Mohammed Al Ghanim, Director General of the TRA said that "the UAE gives utmost importance to intellectual property to ensure the most advantageous economic environment through supporting owners of property rights. This step will protect consumers against this type of fraud and it will limit infringement of intellectual property rights and violation of federal laws."