Technology advances but..........

Hi friends,
Recently somebody by mistake diverted his calls in to my mobile phone. I started receiving lots of unknown calls in my mobile. The mobile notified me of diverted calls and the people who called were also dialing an other number. But I couldn't contact the owner of the number because my calls to that number ended up in my mobile itself. In vain, I contacted my telecom provider and that was "Du". A customer care representative attended the call. I conveyed my frustration to him. But I was surprised to hear that there was nothing to be done from their side to stop it.

They couldn't even trace the number from which the call was diverted. The representative asked me to ask the number dialed by the people ending up in my mobile phone.

And the funniest thing is that he said me to call that number and ask him to cancel it, when I said that my calls would end up in my mobile itself he just took back his words with a "Sorry". And he also said that he is helpless and tried to conclude the call.

I tried to record the conversation, but they found that the recording was on and asked me to turn it off!

What should I understand? Technology has reached heights but the telecom provider cannot cancel a simple call divert. Isn't that a bit funny?