Money rules even the web!

Hi friends,
It is a sad fact that money is ruling the web. I have come across many search engine optimization sites but not one which is like the one i'm gonna show you.

The site guarantees Top 10 ranking in Yahoo and Google searches, if it is not working, the entire money will be given back. The site or company is iBusinessProvider. This is really unfair, when there are many people having quality sites but lack traffic while the ones who have money can easily get traffic. Google and Yahoo are one of the most popular search engines. Top 10 in these searches can drive away 1000s of clicks easily. Is this fair or not?

The cost of this service ranges from US$249.95 to US$499.95! This is really surprising that other companies earn from the services offered by Google and Yahoo. Search engine optimization services are good and fair but to this extend, it is really unfair. Cash back facility attracts lots of people into it. This is a kick for the hard work of other website owners.

As you people know, this is not a very popular blog and this post is not going to make any change but atleast my readers should be aware of this kind of unfair practices in the internet world.



James said...

there is nobody to question them!

Vinayak said...

yeah dude i agree with you
this is unfair