My Interview with WeBlog


Hi friends,
Today I am very happy to inform you all that WeBlog has interviewed me......It was a new experience for me. Still it went fine. I was really happy to know that people are recognizing me...

Here is the link to the interview:

The questions and answers were as follows:

Q: When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging on 20 June, 2007, the day I started conquering my dreams. I can never forget this day of my life. My first blog was Blog4Info, which is still my signature. I started blogging because I was attracted to this social media. Now it is one among my hobbies and passions.

Q: Could you describe what you do?
Currently I am studying in 10th Standard in U.A.E.

Q: What topics do you generally blog about?
I generally blog about technology based subjects, which is my passion. I am greatly interested in technology based tricks, tips and geeks. I always search for such information. Gadget review is another branch of my interest. I am greatly influenced by gadget makers such as Steve Jobs.

Q: Do you earn revenue through your blog? If yes then how a blogger should monetize his / her blog? If no, then any plans in future?
Yes, I do earn for the name sake, that’s all. After blogging for the last 2 years I have earned about $20, which I feel great for the age.
Q: You are just a fifteen year old boy, so how do you manage a blog along with your studies?
That’s a tough job but I do not feel burdened because of my interest in this field. I always manage my time in a practical way. I always post once in a day, which takes less than an hour for me.

Q: How important is it for the blogger to interact with their readers? Do you respond to all the comments that you receive?
It is one of the main steps in developing your blog. Without your readers, you and your blog is nothing! Whatever is the response, positive or negative, you should always reply to the comments you receive. So that they feel that you are listening to them. This attracts the reader to click again.

Q: Every Techie’s dream is to see his/her on top of the world in terms of technology. If you were made the head of your country’s technology plans, what are the things you would implement and how will it help the people?
You are absolutely right in this question. This is one of the main goals of my life. My aim is to start my own web company like Yahoo or Google. Jerry Yang, David Filo (founders of yahoo) are my role models. My greatest dream is to meet them, which I think is a great job

We are all aware of the different faces of technology available today. This can be used in different ways to help the people. First of all, technology should be incorporated with agriculture. Balance of agricultural and industrial development is necessary for the development of a country, I believe. Thus we should use technology to help the farmers earn better productivity and make their work easy. At the same time, it should be also used in the industrial sector also. We should always move eco-friendly. It would not be possible for the small farmers to adapt these modern technology, so that we should form societies of farmers so that they can share the technology each other.

Technology studies should be made compulsory in all the schools around the world. Because without technology, it is not possible to live in this century. So the children should be taught about using computers from the young age itself. It is essential for the survival in today’s world.

And there are much more things which I would do……And let us dream for a beautiful and eco-friendly world..

Q: What advice would you give to a new blogger trying to drive traffic to their website? Could you share an example of the effects?
Always blog to the point. Post often. Always reply to the comments. Enhance your blog with different contests. It would be great if you offer prizes, Even a blank CD can make a great change. In this case, I am also a student but still I’ll suggest some points.

Register as many as blogger communities as you can. Join maximum number of link exchange sites. It is advised not to use auto trafficking methods as it reduces the overall rank of your blog. Never blog for revenue but blog for sharing your thoughts and ideas which will automatically drive traffic and revenue.

“Blog for excellence, success will follow you.”

Q. What are your other favorite blogs which you follow, can you list the top 5 such blogs?
I am extremely attracted to (A technology based blog). Other blogs I love include, etc.

Q: Final question, what goals have you set you at the beginning and how have they evolved, and any last word for wrapping up this interview?
My first goal was to achieve an alexa rank of 2,000,000 (the then rank: 5,123,493) but now my blog has an alexa rank of about 1,300,000, which is really great, I believe. One of my other aims was to receive at least 10 clicks a day, which I think I have achieved. So far so good.

I thank weblog for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas. I also thank for honoring me and my blog. You are doing a great job. Best wishes for your project.