Etisalat e-Support Application - A real mess

(This post is mainly meant for the users from U.A.E)

Hi friends,
This is not a criticism but just my personal opinion. Most of you in U.A.E may be familiar with etisalat e-support application (self resolution software) for Internet users. But this software is of no use to the customers in my point of view.

This application cannot identify connection problems even if it is due to failure of payment of bill, which is the basic. This application cannot also identify problems such as network problems, low-bandwidth, connection errors based on areas, etc.

So you may now ask, What does this software do?
For an advanced user the answer is NOTHING. Advanced in the sense anybody familiar with internet and computers. This application just clears Internet cache, cookies, etc in case of connection issues. This points towards a real mess in this software.

This software, after many steps for identification, shows that the problem could not be resolved and also shows their customer care number (101) which is familiar to most of us.

So I look forward for the updates of this software without such limitations because it is from a company like Etisalat which has given us an appreciable service for the last many years.