Orkut safer than Facebook, I presume!

Hi friends,
I am amazed at the speed at which Facebook is catching up in India, pushing Orkut to the background. Well, I am generalizing based on my personal experience and not based on any research. I see many of my friends becoming more active on Facebook and less active on Orkut. I see bloggers in an eternal struggle to add more friends so that they can share their links with as many people as possible. I see Indian Companies coming up with Fan Pages on a daily basis. You are right, we do that because Facebook has a lot many more Social Networking options than Orkut. The other part which attacks Orkut is that it is blocked in many countries like UAE. 

Untill I read Dennis Yu and his how to spam Facebook like a pro.According to him, many of  the games, the quizes and the other applications that keep popping up while you are on Facebook are aimed at doing three things:

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  • Installing a spyware or a tracking cookie on your computer which will later open a back door from your computer to smuggle out information
  • Trick you into giving up your email address and phone number
  • Trick you into giving up your or your friend's profile information
Now I think I know why Google is keeping Orkut simple. It is just about social networking and nothing else.

And in Orkut, the profile pic can never be saved to another computer but in Facebook, anybody who views your profile can save you profile pic. That also has its own advantages and disadvantages, but has more disadvantages. 

Thus this proves that Google pays more attention to your security....


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