Who let the dogs out, BoW BoW!

When it comes to serious fun and naughtiness, I wouldn't search for a better incident than something that happened in my class. When I say class, don't think that I'm talking about a 10th grade class with some naughty guys sitting in it. The classroom here is an Engineering Class Room, a first year engineering
classroom. It has enough crazy and naughty guys' to challenge a 10th Grade class room. And definitely we are quite notorious among the College Staff and Students for being energetic.

Shall I start like any other story books that we've read? Haha, yea we'll make it dramatic.
It was a fine morning, and the birds chirped. I walked towards my classroom through the corridors. As usual my friends welcomes me into the class with a messy smile. There were guys' sitting at the corner of the classroom and counting on the home works and assignments that we had to submit the same day. None of them had even touched the works that were left pending. Even-though the consequences and the scenario was pretty much serious, there was one dump guy at the corner who shouted 'Don't waste your time doing the home works, lets play a match of UNO and bunk those classes later'. At the same time another shout from the opposite corner said 'Arrey, Even the last week we bunked her class, remember the hide and seek behind the college canteen.' And the shouts were numerous from different corners of the classroom.

And into the wilderness, there walked the Lion- King of the jungles. Oops I got switch onto the Jungle Saga. There came our physics miss. The class moved into perfect silence. She had the register to mark the assignments. Everything was calm, quiet and perfect.


As much as you wonder why this line here, we were also equally awestruck and shocked to hear this in the perfectly silent classroom. It was the perfectly wrong timed alarm of one of my friends who came late to the class that broke the silence and sprayed laughter in the class. These mobile manufactures need to be bowed, the mobile wakes up and barks like anything even if it switched off or out of the battery. The seventh sense called the alarm. The class was filled with laughter and for a moment the teacher couldn't control a tiny laugh from her heart. As she smiled, the guy had a sigh of relief because he thought that he wouldn't loose his mobile. The seriousness around were just starting to diminish. And here comes a twist, the teacher controlled her laugh and very seriously asked 'Son, give me your mobile'. And this brought another blast of laughter into the class room which was even harder to us but to the guy who lost his mobile phone, it was a blow in the head.

And now the class continues. The teacher lectures and the nerds write lecture notes. The class is going as it should and I was busy drawing some random circles, squares and stuff. Every student knows what I meant, as the boring classes as same everywhere in the world. And to my bad, I lost the set square that I borrowed from one of the worst nerds in my class. He was perfectly the so-called 'Daddy Mummy'. Without any sadness or haste, I informed him that I lost the set square. And now there was the facial expression of hearing that an Atom Bomb was dropped right on his head, on his face. He called on 'Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.. He lost my set square!!'. Even though it was an alarming situation to the nerd that lost his set square, the age we were in and the class we were in couldn't take the situation as serious as it had to be. The class again burst into laughter and sounds came in from different corners saying 'Dude. We'll go to the court asking for settlement. Don't worry baba.' And to my surprise the teacher got the seriousness. She came closer to me and starred at me with a look that would melt the ice cream that I had during the lunch break. And she started shouting me for being careless, annoying, idiotic and so on and on. And finally the twist of the twists; she said 'Show me your hand'. She had a tiny stick with which she wanted to punish me like a tiny kid. And I was like 'MAM.. I'm not that small to be punished like a kid.. Afterall it is a scale :O '.

And with one of my eyes I saw Rithika, my classmate who had a crush on me, handing over a Cadbury 5-Star Chocolate to my problematic class mate. It was unbelievable that he totally forgot the set square as soon as he got the Cadbury chocolate. Can nerds be so childish? Or is it the cadbury's chocolate that made him childish?? I guess the ad 'Jo khaaye Kho Jaaye' came true.. Gosh, He stood up and said our teacher that It was fine and he forgave me. That was another blow on my head, as I am being relieved because of Rithika and that would eat up my time during tomorrows' break as she would come and spill out a lot of filmy dialogues and stuff. I instead pulled out my Cadbury 5-Star from the pocket and passed it to her along with a Thanks. And there comes the end to the shortest and sweetest crush story, set square lose story, classroom mobile story and another episode of my life.

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Get an Ad-Sense Account - Faster and Free

Here is how you can get an Ad-Sense Account free and fast.
First of all, an intro about what is Ad-Sense. Ad-Sense is one among the largest Ad Publishing network that is owned and run by Google. It is considered to be one among the best ways to earn if you are a web master.

Now a days it isn't easy to grab an Ad-sense account as their guidelines are being stricter and worse. Mostly you will be left disappointed when you try to register Ad-sense through the proper channel for your website or blog. There are various third party agents offering Ad-sense accounts for amounts ranging from 500-2000 INR.  Here is a small game that you can play to grab an Ad-sense account fast yet free.

How to become a Blogger

Are you an aspiring blogger? Do you have ideas that need to be shared and heard? Are you interested to become a blogger. Here are some tips from our side for the beginners.

Blogging is one among the best ways to speak out to the world regarding the thoughts and ideas in your mind. The topics need not be confined to mere thoughts and visions, but can also be criticism and blows to the heads. It can be anything about the thoughts that come to your mind. And people with similar mind sets read your blog. There are certain things that you'd need to know and decide before starting to write a blog. I'll try to explain them to the best of my knowledge.

1. Choosing the right genre.
Choosing the write genre or niche can be sometimes detrimental to your future in the blogosphere. There are wide range of topics ranging from technology to cooking. Never try to imitate or follow the path of a well established blog wishing to make yours' a similar one, rather learn from their style of writing and publishing to enhance your skills. 
Every topic has blogs that shines in the particular niche. If its cooking, there are hundreds of wonderful cookery blogs. So never go for choosing a topic that doesn't excite you in talking to others. If you love interfering in social causes or issues, never try to blog on technology or gaming. You will never prove good in that way. Always blog about topics that you are interested in and the topics that you are interested in getting to know. As time passes, you shouldn't be left bored of writing on stuff that you don't actually bother to know. If you aren't clear on your area of interest, launch a more generalized blog. 

2. Choosing the right platform.
Choosing the right platform makes your time in blogging more comfortable and enjoyable. I always suggest you to start with Blogger, which is a product of Google. Blogger is widely accepted for its easy-to-use interface and flexibility. You wont have to burn your head to run a blog on the Blogger platform.
If your are much more advanced on coding and hosting services, try WordPress which is a more advanced platform to blog upon.

3. Do Not Write to Earn.
Never ever enter the blogosphere with an aim to mint money. Never write to earn. Trust me, you will never start earning if you write with a mind of driving in money. Write your heart, and eventually you will start earning, at least as much as to buy a packet of biscuit while you write.

4. Respond to Comments, Suggestions and Critics.
Your readers know you better. They can easily judge you more than you do. Take all the comments positively. Critics and suggestions will always help you grow and improve your writing skills. Thank them for their care and concern. It will always benefit you.

5. Try to join blogging communities.
Blogging communities can help you develop your skills and hold you up when you need help. It can also be used to promote your posts. Promotion of your posts are an unavoidable factor during the initial period of your blogging. Grab visitors. Impress them. And they'll come back. 

These are some of the very basic tips to know before you start blogging. 
Hope this benefits you. Have a happy time blogging. 

The safety of our women - The new brand ambassador

It is indeed a shame to me, you and the entire Indian society  that the safety of our women are now used as an advertising aid and one the major weak points of our hearts are now driving our pockets. I myself along with every fellow citizen is well aware of the security flaws in the life's of our women. But that it is not something that has to be sold in the market. These flaws and insecure feelings are to be addressed and resolved for the well being of our sisters and mothers in India. But the trend that we see now is that mobile phone companies advertising their product as a women's safety aid just because they have an application that can track a person in case of an emergency. As every technically aware guy knows, it is nothing special about the mobile, but it is just an application that can be installed on any advanced device. And I hardheartedly appreciate the people who advertise pointing out this particular option and sell their devices. They actually have found out the idea to use this stigma of our nation as a means of better result and sales. We can never blame them for taking such a step, as it is we the society who created that space for them.

A father or a brother who is least aware of the technological advances would easily fall in such products, as safety and love is blind in every part of the nation. It is not such only with the mobile phones or the gadget industry, we are being used in every walk of life. You can find gadgets, supermarkets, technological products, various industries and even plastic products that promise to keep our women safe. Is that what we need? Is that how we believe to build up our nation's economy?

A foreigner who lands at any of our airports, would definitely see advertisements that points out the women are prone to danger in India. Being a country that has a huge potential in the tourism industry, this is not how we should portray ourselves. Instead of making our guests feel safe, we are actually threatening them of the stigma of our society, even through the ads placed in and around our city, in the news papers and the visual medias, everywhere. Being one of the most powerful and the most promising developing nation, this is not the image that we should build upon in millions of hearts.

As every one asks, what can I do for this? How can I interfere? How much role can I play?
Can you please stop using our flaws to make bank accounts grow stronger? Can you please stop using our women and their safety to enhance your trade? Would you please represent our nation with pride in front of our guests?

Let us together make a change. 

Smartphones - Who is Smarter?

Smartphones can now be found almost in each and every pocket around us. Smartphones are now available ranging from almost 3K. Android and Windows being the most popular and widely used platforms. To a common man, buying a smartphone is a matter of confusions. One of your friend might suggest you buying a Windows 8 powered smartphone just because the battery is smart. And over the other side of the coin, you'd be able to find a friend who keeps buzzing around to buy an Android powered gadget, just because you can easily find pirated applications and games.

Are these the real factors to consider upon before buying a smartphone? What and Which are the things you have to consider before buying a smartphone? Is Android and Windows the only available smartphone platforms? We'll try to answer these simple, yet controversial topics in this post.

First of all, let us consider the App Store population.
Android claims to have 850,000+* apps in its app store. Now the question is, how many of these can be used free of cost. Around half of these can be considered to be free to use. And the other half, asks for your credit card credentials. Androids store has evolved through years and can now be considered a full fledged app store.

Windows  8's store claims to have around  100,000+ apps in it. And again the question is, how many of them can be used without pulling your wallet. The scenario is almost the same here. Almost half of the apps are free to use, where as the other apps can be purchased using the store. But the negative point,  as suggested by the users  is that many of the daily tools that you'd love to have is yet to reach the windows store or at least the free version is yet to come. Let it be anything, A ringtone cutter, a backup solution, a blogger client, a third party video player or anything that you would love to have on the little gadget you hold in your hands.  Many of such apps aren't developed yet, or sharewares. You are also left without any third party installation options provided by the windows platforms.

And if you were previously running on an Android powered smartphone, you'd definitely get your hairs messed up due to the lack of apps in the store.  You would easily miss your favorite navigator, blogger and G-mail clients and anything official from google.

Windows has also left its users without any permission to install apps from third party sites, without passing through its store verification. And that means, nothing pirated enters your windows phone,  leaving your 1GB ram useless. Where as in android , you can easily find any paid app's pirated version and hence you can easily utilize your smartphones potential, without utilizing your pocket's potential. Even though this can be termed as piracy or illegal, who doesn't depend on pirated applications or games these days?

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 and Install CWM Recovery

Today we are going to guide you through the steps to root, upgrade and recover a Galaxy S Gt-i9000.


1. Make sure your mobile should possess 70 to 80% battery
2. Enable USB debugging mode (Menu (app drawer) > Settings > Manage Applications > Development > USB Debugging – check box)
3. Ensure that you have backed up your all important data.
4. Install Root Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 USB DRIVERS. (Download USB drivers or download Samsung Kies (drivers included))

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Blog4Info - Launching back on September 10


We'll be launching back our site on September 10th. Keep checking for the latest tech buzz and reviews. Expecting all your support as we had earlier.


Your post sucks - Well thats fine!

Yes, today we're talking all about negative comments from your readers. Are you a blogger? If then, I'm quite sure that you have come across at least one negative comment in your blog. From the side of an optimist, negative comments are always a support to your blogging career. You will be able to understand and correct your flaws and faults while writing your further posts. Remember the proverb "Practice makes a man perfect". Keep writing and take those positive as well as negative comments in a healthy manner.

But the hurdle comes up when a negative comment comes up with a negative intention too. That doesn't sound healthy right? They're always frustrating to have such comments coming up in your posts. They maybe posted by the same person or  group of persons just to hurdle your blogging career. In simple English we call it just as "jealousy". The best way to react to such a cloud is just by ignoring them. Or you may also enable comment moderation

iPhone 5: Will It Really Launch in September

So, September has come. From the beginning of 2011, there were rumors that iPhone 5 would launch in the third quarter of 2011. While the year moved forward, the expected date of launch moved to September. Oh yes, this month. But the news isn't totally true and we don't even have some kind of conformation from any Apple related executive. Many people have leaked the specifications of iPhone 5 but the launch date is still unknown.

There are rumors that there is going to be an event from Apple on September 15 where iPhone 5 would be finally announced but nobody knows the actual report. Even we don't. The resignation of Steve Jobs led some people to think that there isn't going to be an iPhone 5 but that definitely is not true. There would be one iPhone 5 but right now we can just say - very soon - and hope that this very soon turns out to be this September because that's what the majority of the people thought.

Now, the case is like - Just give us the iPhone. Huh, what can we actually do other than wait? So, lets continue our work of waiting.

Review of Google+ Games

It is here, the most expected feature of Google+ when it began, games. Google has finally added the games section to their much coveted social network. Many people who got bored while using Google+ because many of their friends hadn't joined yet will now have a source of time pass. They can play games on Google+ while nothing interesting is happening.

This addition will mean more users to Google+ and I am sure about that. Facebook games has brought them more than 100 Million users and that's what it can do to Google+ as well. As of now, only 16 games are available to be played on Google+ but it will increase every day and the users will get more to play and enjoy.

Google+, the so-called Facebook killer has done a great thing by adding Google+ games. I am just waiting for it to grow exponentially and give more to its 30 Million+ users. In my opinion, the best game from the available 16 is Angry Birds. I am sure that Angry Birds fan will use Google+ and play Angry Birds for hours.

On the whole, this feature is very good and will bring many more users to the Google social network. I am just waiting for more games so that I totally get going with the Google+ games. What do you think about these games and the new section? Share your views and opinions in the comments. 

ICANN announces unlimited first level domains:

As a regular user of the internet you might have sometimes wondered why we have only a few domain extensions (ex:, dot com, dot net, dot org, dot in etc). And why cant we have them of our own. Why can’t we create a domain extension like dot India, it would have been better if every Indian had a domain with his/her name like Imran(dot)India. This would have been so awesome. But this dream is not far from reality.

Google Adds Image and Voice searching


Google, the best search engines available currently is not best for any reason. It is the best because it continuously adds awesome features and makes it more better than ever ;). Google, recently added another great feature. Now, it will offer you the easiness you wanted and demanded. Google has added image and voice searching. Now you can search by saying something or dragging an image on to the search box. This feature has made searching a task easier than ever. Let me go in a little depth of both the new features.

Twitter Buys TweetDeck


So, this is official, Twitter has acquired TweetDeck. The rumor of Twitter buying TweetDeck was flying in the air for a long time. Now, Twitter has finally announced that it has acquired TweetDeck, one of the most widely used third-party Twitter applications. The price on which Twitter bought TweetDeck has not been disclosed yet. According to some reports, the price is around $40 million which, in my opinion is very huge for TweetDeck.

“This acquisition is an important step forward for us, TweetDeck provides brands, publishers, marketers and others with a powerful platform to track all the real-time conversations they care about.” said by Dick Costolo(Twitter CEO). The rumors of course were going on from a long time but this news was made official when Dick Costolo himself posted about this news on Twitter Blog.