Torrents can harm your computer!

Hi friends,
Most of us are familiar with the Peer to Peer file sharing technology, which is now commonly used to share large files through the internet. Now a days this service is being misused at a high rate. You can find anything and everything as torrents. Latest movies, games, softwares, books, songs and much more...

But have you ever thought about the safety of these torrents. It is extremely exposed to viruses and other worms. Only after downloading the file completely, you will notice viruses in it. Even though now a days people comment as inappropriate to such torrents, the risk still remains. Today they are thousands of torrent directories and search engines such as,,, etc....

Copyright infringement issues is another problem to which you are being exposed. In many countries torrent sites are highly censored.

Tips to save from Torrent infections:
1. Download only from recognized torrent providers (
2. Always read the comments before downloading a torrent.
3. It is better to stay away from copyright protected materials even though there is very less risk in it.

Wish you all safe and happy browsing...........