How to become a Blogger


Are you an aspiring blogger? Do you have ideas that need to be shared and heard? Are you interested to become a blogger. Here are some tips from our side for the beginners.

Blogging is one among the best ways to speak out to the world regarding the thoughts and ideas in your mind. The topics need not be confined to mere thoughts and visions, but can also be criticism and blows to the heads. It can be anything about the thoughts that come to your mind. And people with similar mind sets read your blog. There are certain things that you'd need to know and decide before starting to write a blog. I'll try to explain them to the best of my knowledge.

1. Choosing the right genre.
Choosing the write genre or niche can be sometimes detrimental to your future in the blogosphere. There are wide range of topics ranging from technology to cooking. Never try to imitate or follow the path of a well established blog wishing to make yours' a similar one, rather learn from their style of writing and publishing to enhance your skills. 
Every topic has blogs that shines in the particular niche. If its cooking, there are hundreds of wonderful cookery blogs. So never go for choosing a topic that doesn't excite you in talking to others. If you love interfering in social causes or issues, never try to blog on technology or gaming. You will never prove good in that way. Always blog about topics that you are interested in and the topics that you are interested in getting to know. As time passes, you shouldn't be left bored of writing on stuff that you don't actually bother to know. If you aren't clear on your area of interest, launch a more generalized blog. 

2. Choosing the right platform.
Choosing the right platform makes your time in blogging more comfortable and enjoyable. I always suggest you to start with Blogger, which is a product of Google. Blogger is widely accepted for its easy-to-use interface and flexibility. You wont have to burn your head to run a blog on the Blogger platform.
If your are much more advanced on coding and hosting services, try WordPress which is a more advanced platform to blog upon.

3. Do Not Write to Earn.
Never ever enter the blogosphere with an aim to mint money. Never write to earn. Trust me, you will never start earning if you write with a mind of driving in money. Write your heart, and eventually you will start earning, at least as much as to buy a packet of biscuit while you write.

4. Respond to Comments, Suggestions and Critics.
Your readers know you better. They can easily judge you more than you do. Take all the comments positively. Critics and suggestions will always help you grow and improve your writing skills. Thank them for their care and concern. It will always benefit you.

5. Try to join blogging communities.
Blogging communities can help you develop your skills and hold you up when you need help. It can also be used to promote your posts. Promotion of your posts are an unavoidable factor during the initial period of your blogging. Grab visitors. Impress them. And they'll come back. 

These are some of the very basic tips to know before you start blogging. 
Hope this benefits you. Have a happy time blogging.