Your post sucks - Well thats fine!

Yes, today we're talking all about negative comments from your readers. Are you a blogger? If then, I'm quite sure that you have come across at least one negative comment in your blog. From the side of an optimist, negative comments are always a support to your blogging career. You will be able to understand and correct your flaws and faults while writing your further posts. Remember the proverb "Practice makes a man perfect". Keep writing and take those positive as well as negative comments in a healthy manner.

But the hurdle comes up when a negative comment comes up with a negative intention too. That doesn't sound healthy right? They're always frustrating to have such comments coming up in your posts. They maybe posted by the same person or  group of persons just to hurdle your blogging career. In simple English we call it just as "jealousy". The best way to react to such a cloud is just by ignoring them. Or you may also enable comment moderation

On the other hand it is equally important to post comments in other blogs too. The thing which you must keep in mind while posting comments in other blogs is that comments are not just meant for flattering but they aren't meant for hurting either. Go on criticize, point out the mistakes and give in your suggestions but in a healthy manner. Always keep in mind that you point out their positives too while you go on giving them suggestions. 

Every blogger loves reading comments written by their visitors. Me too. Positive as well as negative comments influence my compositions. Always love the ones who speak out your flaws and the ones who give out suggestions as they are your real mentors. They are the ones who go deep into your posts. Hence they are your real readers and power. 

How to reply to such comments?
Replying to your readers is indeed an essential part of blogging. Readers must have a feeling that their words, thoughts and suggestions aren't being neglected. Thus reply to their comments, whatever good or bad it maybe. And always keep in mind to be polite to your readers rather than blasting out to them. Always thank them for their comments and try to make implements as suggested by them. Never get aggressive to your readers for their negative comments at least through the blog comments forum (at least means to the extreme extend or never) . There is indeed an option to delete such comments but I never suggest deleting the comments your receive unless it contains abusive words or links, because having some negative comments in your blog doesn't affect your reputation but indeed has a good impression in the hearts of your readers. It obviously attracts more and more visitors to visit your blog again and again. Another such option is to report as spam. But never do that for negative comments as they aren't spam and marking those commentators as spam restricts them from further comments which may be helpful to you. Mark spam as spam but not criticisms.

There maybe points that I have left out. It would be great to hear from you.

Have a happy blogging time around :)