Who let the dogs out, BoW BoW!


When it comes to serious fun and naughtiness, I wouldn't search for a better incident than something that happened in my class. When I say class, don't think that I'm talking about a 10th grade class with some naughty guys sitting in it. The classroom here is an Engineering Class Room, a first year engineering
classroom. It has enough crazy and naughty guys' to challenge a 10th Grade class room. And definitely we are quite notorious among the College Staff and Students for being energetic.

Shall I start like any other story books that we've read? Haha, yea we'll make it dramatic.
It was a fine morning, and the birds chirped. I walked towards my classroom through the corridors. As usual my friends welcomes me into the class with a messy smile. There were guys' sitting at the corner of the classroom and counting on the home works and assignments that we had to submit the same day. None of them had even touched the works that were left pending. Even-though the consequences and the scenario was pretty much serious, there was one dump guy at the corner who shouted 'Don't waste your time doing the home works, lets play a match of UNO and bunk those classes later'. At the same time another shout from the opposite corner said 'Arrey, Even the last week we bunked her class, remember the hide and seek behind the college canteen.' And the shouts were numerous from different corners of the classroom.

And into the wilderness, there walked the Lion- King of the jungles. Oops I got switch onto the Jungle Saga. There came our physics miss. The class moved into perfect silence. She had the register to mark the assignments. Everything was calm, quiet and perfect.


As much as you wonder why this line here, we were also equally awestruck and shocked to hear this in the perfectly silent classroom. It was the perfectly wrong timed alarm of one of my friends who came late to the class that broke the silence and sprayed laughter in the class. These mobile manufactures need to be bowed, the mobile wakes up and barks like anything even if it switched off or out of the battery. The seventh sense called the alarm. The class was filled with laughter and for a moment the teacher couldn't control a tiny laugh from her heart. As she smiled, the guy had a sigh of relief because he thought that he wouldn't loose his mobile. The seriousness around were just starting to diminish. And here comes a twist, the teacher controlled her laugh and very seriously asked 'Son, give me your mobile'. And this brought another blast of laughter into the class room which was even harder to us but to the guy who lost his mobile phone, it was a blow in the head.

And now the class continues. The teacher lectures and the nerds write lecture notes. The class is going as it should and I was busy drawing some random circles, squares and stuff. Every student knows what I meant, as the boring classes as same everywhere in the world. And to my bad, I lost the set square that I borrowed from one of the worst nerds in my class. He was perfectly the so-called 'Daddy Mummy'. Without any sadness or haste, I informed him that I lost the set square. And now there was the facial expression of hearing that an Atom Bomb was dropped right on his head, on his face. He called on 'Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.. He lost my set square!!'. Even though it was an alarming situation to the nerd that lost his set square, the age we were in and the class we were in couldn't take the situation as serious as it had to be. The class again burst into laughter and sounds came in from different corners saying 'Dude. We'll go to the court asking for settlement. Don't worry baba.' And to my surprise the teacher got the seriousness. She came closer to me and starred at me with a look that would melt the ice cream that I had during the lunch break. And she started shouting me for being careless, annoying, idiotic and so on and on. And finally the twist of the twists; she said 'Show me your hand'. She had a tiny stick with which she wanted to punish me like a tiny kid. And I was like 'MAM.. I'm not that small to be punished like a kid.. Afterall it is a scale :O '.

And with one of my eyes I saw Rithika, my classmate who had a crush on me, handing over a Cadbury 5-Star Chocolate to my problematic class mate. It was unbelievable that he totally forgot the set square as soon as he got the Cadbury chocolate. Can nerds be so childish? Or is it the cadbury's chocolate that made him childish?? I guess the ad 'Jo khaaye Kho Jaaye' came true.. Gosh, He stood up and said our teacher that It was fine and he forgave me. That was another blow on my head, as I am being relieved because of Rithika and that would eat up my time during tomorrows' break as she would come and spill out a lot of filmy dialogues and stuff. I instead pulled out my Cadbury 5-Star from the pocket and passed it to her along with a Thanks. And there comes the end to the shortest and sweetest crush story, set square lose story, classroom mobile story and another episode of my life.

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