Google Adds Image and Voice searching


Google, the best search engines available currently is not best for any reason. It is the best because it continuously adds awesome features and makes it more better than ever ;). Google, recently added another great feature. Now, it will offer you the easiness you wanted and demanded. Google has added image and voice searching. Now you can search by saying something or dragging an image on to the search box. This feature has made searching a task easier than ever. Let me go in a little depth of both the new features.

Google Voice Search
Google Voice Search lets you search with your voice. It requires a microphone. Whenever you want to search something and your hands are aching. Just click the mic you get in the search box and speak what you have to search in 'US English' because currently that's the only language supported by Google Voice Search. It is useful for:-
1. Search terms you are unable to spell correctly.
2. Hands tired? Rest them and speak for search.
3. For search long queries.
It is only available on not See the video below for more info.

Google Image Search
Google Image Search has always been a great feature google offers. Now, Google has updated the site so that we can now drag images to it and search with that. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, this feature would let you search for 1000 words without even typing them ;). See the video below for more info.

So, with the addition of these new features, what do you think about these two features? Would it help to increase Google's lead? Do comment.