The safety of our women - The new brand ambassador

It is indeed a shame to me, you and the entire Indian society  that the safety of our women are now used as an advertising aid and one the major weak points of our hearts are now driving our pockets. I myself along with every fellow citizen is well aware of the security flaws in the life's of our women. But that it is not something that has to be sold in the market. These flaws and insecure feelings are to be addressed and resolved for the well being of our sisters and mothers in India. But the trend that we see now is that mobile phone companies advertising their product as a women's safety aid just because they have an application that can track a person in case of an emergency. As every technically aware guy knows, it is nothing special about the mobile, but it is just an application that can be installed on any advanced device. And I hardheartedly appreciate the people who advertise pointing out this particular option and sell their devices. They actually have found out the idea to use this stigma of our nation as a means of better result and sales. We can never blame them for taking such a step, as it is we the society who created that space for them.

A father or a brother who is least aware of the technological advances would easily fall in such products, as safety and love is blind in every part of the nation. It is not such only with the mobile phones or the gadget industry, we are being used in every walk of life. You can find gadgets, supermarkets, technological products, various industries and even plastic products that promise to keep our women safe. Is that what we need? Is that how we believe to build up our nation's economy?

A foreigner who lands at any of our airports, would definitely see advertisements that points out the women are prone to danger in India. Being a country that has a huge potential in the tourism industry, this is not how we should portray ourselves. Instead of making our guests feel safe, we are actually threatening them of the stigma of our society, even through the ads placed in and around our city, in the news papers and the visual medias, everywhere. Being one of the most powerful and the most promising developing nation, this is not the image that we should build upon in millions of hearts.

As every one asks, what can I do for this? How can I interfere? How much role can I play?
Can you please stop using our flaws to make bank accounts grow stronger? Can you please stop using our women and their safety to enhance your trade? Would you please represent our nation with pride in front of our guests?

Let us together make a change.