Review of Google+ Games


It is here, the most expected feature of Google+ when it began, games. Google has finally added the games section to their much coveted social network. Many people who got bored while using Google+ because many of their friends hadn't joined yet will now have a source of time pass. They can play games on Google+ while nothing interesting is happening.

This addition will mean more users to Google+ and I am sure about that. Facebook games has brought them more than 100 Million users and that's what it can do to Google+ as well. As of now, only 16 games are available to be played on Google+ but it will increase every day and the users will get more to play and enjoy.

Google+, the so-called Facebook killer has done a great thing by adding Google+ games. I am just waiting for it to grow exponentially and give more to its 30 Million+ users. In my opinion, the best game from the available 16 is Angry Birds. I am sure that Angry Birds fan will use Google+ and play Angry Birds for hours.

On the whole, this feature is very good and will bring many more users to the Google social network. I am just waiting for more games so that I totally get going with the Google+ games. What do you think about these games and the new section? Share your views and opinions in the comments.