Get an Ad-Sense Account - Faster and Free

Here is how you can get an Ad-Sense Account free and fast.
First of all, an intro about what is Ad-Sense. Ad-Sense is one among the largest Ad Publishing network that is owned and run by Google. It is considered to be one among the best ways to earn if you are a web master.

Now a days it isn't easy to grab an Ad-sense account as their guidelines are being stricter and worse. Mostly you will be left disappointed when you try to register Ad-sense through the proper channel for your website or blog. There are various third party agents offering Ad-sense accounts for amounts ranging from 500-2000 INR.  Here is a small game that you can play to grab an Ad-sense account fast yet free.

1. First of all, create an account in YouTube. That can also be your Google account.
2. Create a channel.
3. Upload some of your favorite videos, for instance some sorts of music or movies or anything that can drive you clicks.
4. When your video manages to grab around 300-400+ views, Google would now recommend you to monetize your blog and apply for Ad-sense.
5. Its now time to apply and fetch an Ad-sense account easily.

The only hectic thing that you will have to come across is in making 300-400 views for your video. This can be tackled easily if you have a large enough Facebook Friend Circle or a video that can go viral. Try your luck. 


Suhas Dighe said...

Hi. Your blogs are informative. Two blogs about Ad-Sense are missing I don't know why.

One more suggestion. Please use a bigger Font. The size of letters is small and bit strenuous to the eyes.

Good work. All the best.