iPhone 5: Will It Really Launch in September


So, September has come. From the beginning of 2011, there were rumors that iPhone 5 would launch in the third quarter of 2011. While the year moved forward, the expected date of launch moved to September. Oh yes, this month. But the news isn't totally true and we don't even have some kind of conformation from any Apple related executive. Many people have leaked the specifications of iPhone 5 but the launch date is still unknown.

There are rumors that there is going to be an event from Apple on September 15 where iPhone 5 would be finally announced but nobody knows the actual report. Even we don't. The resignation of Steve Jobs led some people to think that there isn't going to be an iPhone 5 but that definitely is not true. There would be one iPhone 5 but right now we can just say - very soon - and hope that this very soon turns out to be this September because that's what the majority of the people thought.

Now, the case is like - Just give us the iPhone. Huh, what can we actually do other than wait? So, lets continue our work of waiting.