Calculate the electricity drunk by your Computer!

Hi friends,
Interested in calculating the electricity consumed by your computer/laptop? Most of us are not aware of the electricity used by our computers. We do all our work keeping the computer ON. But this really reflects in our electricity bill......

Step 1: You first need to calculate the total power (in kilowatt) that’s consumed by your monitor, CPU, graphic card, video card and other components of the computer.

Dont worry: you don’t have to do these calculations manually. Joulemeter is a free software from Microsoft that can quickly estimate the power consumption of your computer based on the screen’s brightness, the microprocessor, graphic card etc.

Step 2: Now find the retail cost of electricity (commonly known as price per unit or price per kWh) in your part of the world. You can know the electricity cost per unit either from your last month’s electricity bill or check the official website of your power distribution company (search for electricity tariffs).

Once you have the two numbers, just multiply them to get an approximate idea of your computer’s electricity bill. I say approximate here because we are ignoring the power consumed by the speakers, modem and so on.

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