Below 18 Bloggers

Hi friends,
Blog4Info moving onto a new step. We are planning to make a list of all the bloggers below 18 around the world. Let us together work to promote our young blogs. All the bloggers below 18 are requested to post your name, blog address and date of birth in the comments form.

Hope everything works fine. Wait for more.....

Bon Voyage


Vinayak said...

Hi,I am an 11 yr old blogger.
Name - Vinayak Nagri
Blog -
D.O.B - 1st December 1998

Lets see what you have got.

Arjun Chauhan said...

i am arjun singh and i am 13 years old..

and my blog is

bt after changing the domain name its not showing my comments!

Arjun Chauhan said...

Hi I am 13 year blogger from India
D.O.B.-6th January 1997

Mohammed (Admin) said...

Hi arjun,
to make ur comments visible change the comments form to pop-up. And have a try!

Raven said...

I'm raven and I am 16 years old from Philippines..and this is my blog: