Complaints faster than IPhone 4!

Though the iPhone 4 is flying off store shelves, the just-released device is already gathering complaints from early buyers.

Apple's latest phone hit stores Thursday to lines of people--some who were waiting 6 hours to buy one. But almost as soon as the device arrived on the doorsteps of customers who placed early preorders came reports of reception problems, discolored spots on the screen, easily scratched exteriors, and issues with third-party accessory connections.
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The most prominent complaint on Thursday is customers noticing that touching the seams of the antenna band that runs around the iPhone 4--particularly when holding the iPhone 4 in their bare left hand--interrupts reception, slowly causing the phone to lose its signal.

Some iPhone 4 owners may find they strangle 3G reception after a minute or so if their hands are positioned touching the bottom bar and the side bar of the phone. Others are having trouble re-creating the problem, but it appears to vary by device, person, and location.

Boy Genius Report posted a YouTube videoThursday afternoon that showed the problem might be software-related. The person who posted the video was able to re-create the signal loss while gripping an iPhone 3G upgraded to iOS 4.

Apple has not responded to requests for comment. The problems are not yet over. The problems are faced even on the simplest module- Bluetooth.

Apple Support Says iPhone 4 Yellow Tint Problem Is due to the "Residue From Manufacturing" (whatever they say, problems are always problems)

There is a bunch of problems arising. For the detailed problems list visit:


Vinayak said...

so many problems in iphone 4 was never excepted
we should not be soooooo excited for an item that when we get it,it makes us sad....
nice post