Brain or Mobile, You can decide!

There is now a considerable body of evidence proving that microwave radiation from mobile phones and cordless phones (especially mobile phones) causes brain tumors, disturbed brain function and other health disturbances.

The reason is that their microwave radiation has harmful effects at intensity levels far below the values declared as safe.Present safety norms have no tenable scientific support and must be updated, now that it is confirmed by many reliable sources of evidence that they permit far too strong radiation.

People should be very restrictive with using mobile phones as there is a significant body of compelling scientific evidence indicating serious hazards from their usage. Therefore, we advice you to reduce the usage to very few and brief calls. People below 20 should only have mobile phones that allow SMS messages only, but no talking, because the risks are far higher in young people.

Further buildup of the mobile phone net must be stopped. Steadily increasing evidence indicates that it is too harmful to be acceptable for common usage. Moreover, it has been repeatedly confirmed that the radiation from base stations is harmful to health. There are many evidences that mobile phone bases and phones cause a lot of diseases. They include tumor, brain cancer, genetic damage and other health problems.

In a village in India, I have heard that all the bean plants were decayed after a mobile tower was placed in that area. The truth behind is that, all are aware of its negative sides but are not publishing it because of the giants behind all these. If the results come out, I think most of the telecommunication companies and mobile phone producers will be destroyed. The severeness of this issue is not as small as what you think. The impact will be very high. The existence of the human race itself is questioned. I am not very much aware on this issue. Sorry for that.

Some Tips:
Use less than 2 hours a day.
Start sending messages instead of voice calls.
Use only if unavoidable.
Using headphones or earphones reduces the impact.
So please stay away from using it always.