What if the Internet giants collapse?

Hi friends,
Today I am onto an interesting discussion. The subject is "What if the Internet giants are collapsed?"!
As you all know we the 'coach potatoes' are immensely dependent on the Internet. Imagine that one day all these sites are closed or they stop their services? If the Internet giants close all their services at once, what would be the impact. Most of the businesses in this century are completely or partially dependent on the INTERNET!

On a morning when you wake up you see that all the services provided by Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are stopped (for an example)! Your emails, personal data, online file storage and much more are interrupted. How would you react? Its unimaginable! This shows the intensity of our dependence on such services. There are people who depend the Internet even for food, which is one of the basic necessities. The world would be totally struck if this destruction happens!

I did not mean that this would happen, but it can happen at any point of time. It is not a magical system. It is just another face of technology! I have posted this post to change ourselves from the over dependence on such technologies.

In the earlier times people had a habit of reading books for getting information, but now it has all changed. Even if a bubble gum is stuck on our hair, we surf the Internet for getting rid of it, but in the past the elder ones had some common remedies for all this. We should understand that every invention and technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Surfing the Internet saves a lot of time, I agree but we should not go away from some of the basic qualities of man.

Let us dream for a practical world!

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Vinayak said...

well,i totally agree with you.
The topic chosen is very good.
Keep blogging

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