Tips to increase blog traffic- from my experience!

Hi friends,

Today I am going to share some tips to increase your blog traffic and that too from my experience.

1. Write well and write often:
Frequently updating your blog plays an important role in your blog's traffic. Even if you dont have anything to publish frequently, just find something and that must not break your blog's quality. Quality and Quantity is equally important.

2. Submit your blog to almost all the search engines:
Whenever you submit your blog to a search engine, never look its reputation. Even a single click makes a difference. Submit as many as search engines you can. For this you can take the help of a search engine submitter. For example:

3. Promote comments:
Comments are often the simplest tool to increase your blog's traffic. Always respond to the comments. Even if it is criticism, reply with a pleasant mind. Always reply the comments with a thanks which makes the reader to comment again.

4. Syndicate your Blog's content with an RSS feed:
Creating a feed of the content of your blog plays a major role in your blog's development. Never leave it undone. Always finish this step first of all. Feed-Burner (from google) is always preferred.

5. Tag your posts:
Tagging the post is another important step. Tag your posts with unique and relevant key words so that the search engines must recognize them.

6. Register with as many as blogger communities you can: 
Blogger communities are now very common. They are many blogger communities offering free services. Always register with them and login at least once a day. Keep interacting with other bloggers and offer link exchanges. Blogarama, Blog Catalog, Indiblogger and Xanga are a few to name.

7. Register in link exchanging sites:
Register with almost all the link exchanging sites. Be careful not to register with auto traffic sites as they reduce Alexa rank a lot. Link exchanging sites send genuine traffic to your blog. Linkrefferal  is one of the best link exchanging sites.

And you must understand that getting traffic is not an easy job. It requires much time and attention.  Sometimes it becomes irritating that you dont get any traffic. But that is just a temporary phenomenon. Be optimistic, keep blogging and one day  the blogosphere will recognize you. These are just tips from my experience of blogging for last 3-4 years.

Feel free to share your ideas and views through comments.


Reeta Seru said...

very nice post
thanx for sharing such things