Let us hear what our predecessors said………


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Let us hear what our predecessors said………
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Technology has conquered heights in the past decade. Technology has reached to an unimaginable extend. Whatever we humans thought "Never" is now a silly gadget. Yeah, technology is developing at the speed of a ray of light. Thats really  positive growth but every technology harms the human culture and our mother nature. Whatever, we welcome each and every new gadget with two hands. Here is my technological dream or demand.

I wish for a technology that can retrieve the sound present in the atmosphere. Sounds strange? I’ll explain it. Our atmosphere is actually a storage space. Whatever the sounds we make, is heard by us with the help of the atmosphere. It is because of that, there is lack of sound in an atmosphere free environment such as in other planets. So, it is sure that these sounds are present in the atmosphere. It is the same with our predecessors. Their sounds may also exist in our atmosphere. Why can’t we find a technology to decode it, retrieve it? 

The wireless signals sent by our modems, T.V broadcasters, etc are retrieved by the associated technologies. Thus we should be able to develop a device that retrieves the sounds present in the atmosphere so that we can hear the sounds of our predecessors. We could have heard what they said on conflicting issues. We could have heard the words of many great men such as Gandhiji. Yeah it is possible. This technology would help us in different ways. Socially, religiously and politically it would help us a lot.

Before some years, humans would have been surprised to hear about a live broadcasting feature. But now it is not strange. We people take it as a technology which is very simple. So, I believe that this technology is also not so strange or surprising. Great innovators still exist between us, Humans. Hope that this technology also would become a truth in near future.

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