The Revolutionary Blogger- Hands-off to him!

What is social blogging? The answer is here:
An anonymous, twentysomething blogger is giving Mexicans what they can't get elsewhere, an inside view of their country's raging drug war.
Operating from behind a thick curtain of computer security, Blog del Narco in less than six months has become Mexico's go-to Internet site at a time when mainstream media are feeling pressure and threats to stay away from the story.
Many postings, including warnings and a beheading, appear to come directly from drug traffickers. Others depict crime scenes accessible only to military or police.

Playing rough
The undifferentiated content suggests that all sides are using the blog, drug gangs to project their power, law enforcement to show that it too can play rough, and the public to learn about incidents that the mainstream media are forced to ignore or play down.
In at least one case Blog del Narco may have led to a major arrest, of a prison warden after a video posting detailed her alleged system of setting inmates free at night to carry out killings for a drug cartel.
Secret identity
The mysterious blogger hides his identity behind an elaborate cyber-screen. The Associated Press wrote to the blog's e-mail address, and the blogger called back from a disguised phone number.
He said he is a student in northern Mexico majoring in computer security, that he launched the blog in March as a "hobby", but it now has grown to hundreds of postings a day and three million hits a week.