Twitter- The News Maker

200th POST
Twitter is one among the social networking sites in the internet world. The feature which keeps Twitter special is the use of Twitter by celebrities, politicians, governments and other notable personalities. There are many advantages associated with this but disadvantages are equally following the advantages. In Indian politics, many people have suffered great losses due to their use of Twitter.

Recently North Korea launched their official Twitter account named "uriminzok". But the funniest side is that Internet is restricted to a wide range of public in N.Korea. So for whom is this for? For International viewers? Probably No because the Twitter account uses the native N.Korean Language which is unknown to the International visitors. But these conflicts does not matter. This Twitter account has about 10,800 followers. A statement by South Korea's Communication Standards Commission said the account was classified as containing "illegal information" – "contents that praises, promotes and glorifies" North Korea – and is banned under the country's national security law. However, the conflict between North and South is getting worse through Twitter. 

Now let us come to India. Indian politicians have also suffered equal losses and gains because of Twitter. "Sashi Tharoor" lost his Ministerial post and "Lalit Modi" creating a smoke in his position as the IPL Chairman. And the list goes on..........................

Twitter has now emerged as a favorite spot for celebrities, politicians, governments, anti-government protesters and people as a whole.