Yahoo Generation- Almost over

Google is one of the fastest growing web companies in the world which has its head quarters in California. While Yahoo is one among its greatest rivals in this field. Google mostly known for its search engine is developing its search engine day by day. Yeah, 88% of the world's web users use Google for their daily web search. While Yahoo is not far behind in this field. But certain beginners are gaining popularity in this branch like Bing and Ask in the past few years. But have you ever noticed whether Google or Yahoo or Bing is afraid of each other. Here is an answer. Yeah, Yahoo is a bit concerned on the rise of Google, Bing and Ask. 

Here is the proof:
Whenever you search for Google, Bing or Ask in Yahoo search, it recommends us to use Yahoo search instead of those search engines.....But the others are not at all concerned about Yahoo! 

Let me ask, Is Yahoo starting to loose its popularity in all the fields? Is this a slow fall of the Yahoo generation? Once, there was a decade when Yahoo was everything. Now I think G-Mail has more popularity than Yahoo Mail, Google News ranks more than Yahoo news and much more flips.