Black Berry attacked worldwide

The revolutionary Black Berry device which created legends for the past few years and became an essential component for many business men is now being haunted worldwide. Why is this happening? Blog4Info looks into this subject.......

First of all, let us have a glimpse of the countries which has already blocked or going to ban the Black Berry services: They include U.A.E, India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Lebanon. 

Now the question may arise; dint this security concerns exist before 2 months? Yeah it did. But nobody looked into it. None of the countries considered about the security concerns. Everybody promoted it now and then. Suddenly a morning countries come up with decisions on blocking this user fondly service. Obviously everybody may have a doubt, is this a play by the other competitors? May be yes. Black Berry gained popularity at a very high rate within a very low period of time. There were many developers threatened by the uprising of Black Berry. Some of the manufactures threatened include: Apple I-Phone, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson etc. But we dont have any solid evidences to prove it so.

In contrast, there are many countries still saying "No" to banning Black Berry. Aren't these countries facing such security concerns. Oh maybe only in certain countries these concerns arise. These situations are actually questioning the sense of a man. 

There are many solutions suggested for this. Black Berry to set up special servers for such countries granting them permission to access the data. Providing the providers with applications or technology to decode such data. So and so..............

Whatever happens, this adversely affects the sale of the Black Berry, which will drop at a very high rate....There should be enough justifications given soon to the customers........ Let us look forward for it.