What if an iPad 3G Gets Microwaved


If you've ever wanted to see an iPad microwaved, you can thank Dovetastic Microwave Theater for making your dreams come true. Dovetastic runs a YouTube channel, which provides videos of various items being microwaved, and the latest is an iPad - and not just an iPad, but the new 3G 64GB iPad. 

This is not the first time we've seen the destruction of an iPad in a YouTube video, but I haven't seen one microwaved until this point. Some will call these people names like "imbeciles", but it is clear that Dovetastic takes its work seriously. It calls itself a "performance art website subsidiary of Perfectlymadebirds Co.

In case you're wondering what Perfectlymadebirds Co. is, it's an eBay shop that claims to have "the largest selection of doll eyes on Ebay at low prices." They also have various Quizno's kitchen equipment listed, and of course, the Microwaved iPad itself, which currently has 14 bids, and is up to $132.49. 


I think my favorite comment involving iPad and microwaving is totally unrelated to the microwaving of this iPad. @Daking75 on Twitter says, "The ipad needs to microwave burritos then I will buy one!!"

On a related note, Apple has sold over a million iPads in a month. I'd be curious to know how many of them have been destroyed.

Thanks: webpronews, Dovetastic Microwave Theater.