Misusing Blogger Addresses

Hi readers,

Today I am onto a very sad issue faced by the bloggers around the world. As you all know blogger is a free blogging platform, which is utilized by millions of people. Most of the "hot" addresses in blogger have been already registered, this is a happy news, but most of them are not using the addresses well and some of them don't even touch it.

As you all know the Fifa World Cup 2010 is approaching, less than a month left. There are many bloggers around the world trying to blog about the world's greatest football tournament. But the sad side is that, there aren't any suitable blog addresses available.

For example some of the misused blog addresses based on Fifa World Cup are:
http://fifaworldcup2010.blogspot.com/ - 0 Posts
http://worldcup2010.blogspot.com/     - 0 Posts
http://fifa2010.blogspot.com/               - 0 posts
http://fifaworldcup.blogspot.com/         - 0 Posts
http://worldcup.blogspot.com/             - Last post on Sunday, July 21, 2002
http://fifa.blogspot.com/                      - Last post on Monday, July 01, 2002 

If these blog addresses are used by deserved bloggers, lots and lots of latest Fifa World Cup buzz would have bashed into the internet. But all these addresses are just wasted. 

Why cant Google have a look on the misused blogger addresses? Why cant they remove these kind of misused registrations?  These type of misused addresses are there in all groups of addresses. Eg: technology, gadgets, nature, mankind, science etc etc.

I hereby request Google to take necessary steps on this issue and help the blogging community.

Are you facing the same trouble? Would like to say more? Start replying.


Eric P Joseph said...

Yeah your are right mohammed. there are lot of blogger addresses which are misused. Why cant these people just delete the blog, if not using it!

Raju said...

I agree with this post. Your are really doing a great job.

Mohammed (Admin) said...

Thank you for your replies. I will surely try to forward a copy of this post to google. Let us together make a change.

http://abebedorespgondufo.blogs.sapo.pt/ said...

Very Good.

Injection Mold Troubleshooting said...

I do not agree with you.
It might be people have reserved well in advance for future use.
If google starts removing such blogs, then blogger will be criticized and no more popular.

Mohammed (Admin) said...

Thank you for your comment "Injection Mold Troubleshooting". But I totally disagree with you. See I am not against the ones who reserve it for future use but the ones who does not do anything on it for a very long period of time, actually misuses it. If you go through my post, you can see that in some blogs the last post was published in 2002. Is that fair? Keeping the blog still for long 8 years.