Is Google breaching our privacy?

Hi friends,
This post is written as a response to the request from one of my readers who asked me to blog about "google breaching our privacy". The user suggested this subject through the "What should we blog about" widget placed in my blog. I here by thank him for suggesting such a wonderful subject. Unfortunately he has not mentioned his name or e-mail address in the given form. The I.P address of the user starts with 117 and ends with 177 (not mentioned due to privacy policies of Blog4Info)

Let us get into the subject. I find that the reader has suggested me a very relevant subject. Under any circumstances, the e-mails received in one's account is his personal property. Either it is offered by a provider or individual. But we can find that Google displaying ads based on the keywords or sentences present in the mails we receive. But we cant conclude that, someone is reading our mails just due to such a system. It may be an automated system configuration which just takes the help of the keywords present in the mail to display matching ads. 
But let us have a look into the G-Mail Privacy Policies, G-Mail clearly mentions that it will display ads based on the content in the messages. The policy mentioning this content is as follows: "Google maintains and processes your Gmail account and its contents to provide the Gmail service to you and to improve our services. The Gmail service includes relevant advertising and related links based on the IP address, content of messages and other information related to your use of Gmail". 

Therefore we can never blame G-Mail on displaying relevant ads to you. Google always keep its quality and standards, as far as I have understood. Google always pays importance to all you privacies and its policies. Thus we can always depend upon Google for all your daily needs with belief and trust.

I also request each and every one of you to carefully read the "Privacy Policies" and "Terms and Conditions" of each and every service you use or register before complaining or criticizing their steps. I think that you (the reader who suggested this topic) also pressed the "I Agree" button while registering your e-mail account. Always be vigilant while you press each and every "I Agree" button around the web because it has a legal validity around the globe.

Hope that the reader have got the answer for what he meant and all his doubts are cleared. Once again, thanking him for suggesting an important topic. Are you having any subjects to suggest us? Let us know, we'll surely blog about your subject within a month's time.