Microsoft Buys Skype for $8.5 Billion

Rumors from the last few days were that Facebook would buy Skype but Microsoft rose and bought Skype for a price of $8.5 Billion. It is the largest price Microsoft has paid for a company in a decade. After the acquisition, Bates will take on the title of president of the Microsoft Skype Division and report directly to Ballmer.

Now, that Microsoft has acquired Skype, how will it change Skype is the question. According to some reports, Microsoft has planned to integrate Skype into Microsoft devices and systems such as Xbox and Kinect, Xbox Live, the Windows Phone, Lync and Outlook. Now, you might see some video ads in Skype.

The main thing would be what will the 170 Million users of Skype think about the changes Microsoft are planning and will bring to Skype. Another question has arose that has the Skype Era ended? Skype has been a lot important for many people. Can Microsoft keep it the same way and make it better?

Whatever happens to Skype now, will be in Microsoft's hands. Can Microsoft turn Skype to get more profits. Anything might happen. What do you think? Hopefully, Microsoft will make Skype better than ever and give its users a reason to celebrate. Do comment.