Kudos! I'm Back Contest Winners


Heyya frienzz,
We're concluding the I'm back dashing contest today! We'll be giving away the valuable prizes to our winners today!

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Now let us see who are the lucky winners of this dashing contest!
As per the rules stated earlier number of entries were based upon the option you've chosen. Rest everything is decided by LUCK!

Here are the list of our participants:

Ujjwal- 6 entries
Dhruv- 5 entries
Ayush- 1 entry
Vinayak- 1 entry
Shivam- 1 entry
Arjun- 1 entry
Ankit- 1 entry
Makridosa- 1 entry
Techpapparazi- 1 entry
Prabal- 1 entry
Kamal- 1 entry

Now here comes 
> The mega prize winner:
It is none other than, Ujjwal!!
Congo Ujjwal!!

> The Runners Up
Yes it is Dhruv

> The third place
Luck favors Ayush

> Fourth place
Goes to Vinayak

> Fifth place
Kudos!! Makridosa!

The winners will be contacted by blog4info within 24hrs. And this is the last post by me dear readers. I'm leaving to India for my further studies. Due to some limitations cant get online. Shhh... Blog4info will be alive folks... My friend Vinayak will be the new temporary author of Blog4info! Keep visiting!