Orkut Vs Facebook fight getting worse!

Hi friends,
As you all know both Facebook and Orkut are well established social networking sites. Both of these providers have already created their signature in the social networking world. But the fight between them is becoming worse in the past few months. There are a lot of reasons for this. The main reason is the boom of Facebook's development. Facebook has acquired unbelievable development in the past few years, which has obviously created a head ache for the other providers such as Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, Friensdster etc. But the most threatened provider is Orkut as Facebook has a lot of common features.

But in the case of security, Orkut is more vigilant than Facebook, we presume. Let us start from a very basic restriction. Saving the profile picture. An unknown user who visits you profile can easily save your profile picture in Facebook but cannot do this in Orkut. You may wonder, what is the security aspect in this. But yeah it has. Unwanted distribution and misuse of your picture can be restricted. Starting from this very basic option it ranges up to very complicated privacy features.

Whatever happens, Facebook has comparatively a better user rate than Orkut. According to Alexa (The web information company) Facebook has the traffic rank of number "2*" while Orkut is far behind with the rank of "97*". This provides a general traffic lag between these two sites. Hence, Orkut has to concentrate more on its strategy.

Next comes, the features provided. To be very frank, Orkut has not even reached the state of Facebook before years. Orkut is very poor in the case of provided services. While Facebook upgrades its capabilities day by day. This is  a very big challenge for Orkut. Orkut will have to hire better programmers and try to perform better at least within an year otherwise Orkut will be completely dead.

Facebook is trying kill it as fast as it can. The latest poison is that people can update their Orkut status through Facebook, thus keeping people away from logging into it. Unless people login, the site cant balance its ad providers. Thus the destruction is almost sure. Either a better master brain should take over Orkut or they should try to improve themselves. But we cannot say that Orkut is far behind. It is of course tail tagging Facebook. But is not able to over take it.

Let us see what happens in the near future.