MySpace Unveils New Logo

Logo redesigns are always a big deal filled up with a lot of mess. MySpace has taken this challenge recently. It has unveiled its new logo to the visitors. But the history always has a lesson to teach us. And in the case of logo redesigns, history has taught us that it is always a kick to change it. The same issue with the new MySpace logo too. Personally, I'm against this change as the previous one was much better than the new hero. Let us wait for the further responses from the tech world.

MySpace VP of User Experience Mike Macadaan explains the philosophy behind it, “MySpace is a platform for people to be whatever they want, so we’ve decided to give them the space to do it.” Apparently the blank space to the left will be filled with user generated artwork when users hover over it on the redesigned site.

Comment in your feedbacks about this new style of MySpace.