The "MUHAHAHA" virus!

The "MUHAHAHA" virus is a highly contagious virus. If this virus is infected in your computer, you must immediately remove it. MUHAHAHA.!!!!!!!!! virus migrates through pen drives or even through CD’s. In CD’s or USBs if you find a file named Microsoftpowerpoint.exe kindly delete it. The virus gets installed to the computer by this executable file.

When you open some sites (for eg: youtube), a dialog box appears that "this site is blocked for you fool, The admin did not add this dialog and who did? Muhahaha" and a laughing sound.

This virus has already infected millions of computers. This virus cannot be removed with the help of an antivirus.

To remove this virus follow these steps:

Step: 1. Click on “Run” and type the following address: C:\heap41a and hit Enter key.

You cannot find the “heap41a” file by navigating thru files and folders using mouse in C drive.

Inference: You will find the following files in the above path
a) Offspring (folder), b) 2.mp3 (Muhaha laughing sound that is played while virus closes the window),
c) drivelist (notepad file), d) reproduce (notepad file), e) script1 (notepad file), f) std (notepad file), g) Icon (Icon file)
h) svchost.exe (executable file)

Step: 2. Delete the “svchost.exe” file with the big “H” icon.

Step: 3. Then press start button, click run and type regedit and click ok. Your registry will be opened. Then press F3 and find comes. There type heap and search. Wherever it stops and gives any values, corresponding to “Heap”, just press delete button on key board and delete it. Then Press F3 once again and so … on, till you delete all heap folders and values.
Then restart the computer. Your MUHAHAHA virus is gone for ever !!!!

Note: Some times the access in denied to this file and thus cannot be deleted, in such situations download GIPO FILE UTILITIES to delete it.