My opinion about the Microsoft Windows Vista.


Dear Friends,
According to me Windows Vista is a waste. Actually I prefer Windows Xp as it has more capabilities than Windows Vista. Windows Vista is just an appearance based pack but Windows Xp is an option based pack. Recently I read in a weekly that a research found that 95% of the Windows Vista users especially programmers switched back to Windows Xp. According to some polls 87% of the world uses Windows Xp while 4% uses Vista, 2% uses Mac and 5% uses Linux. In my experience Windows Vista is an utter waste product. I installed Vista and I couldn't get enough capabilities for VB, and i switched back to Xp. So my dear friends I ask u people to keep Windows Xp.

Thank You.


Joe Somebody said...

I personally am a Apple person myself. But I prefer XP to Vista as well.

Anonymous said...

I am also a windows xp user.