Indi or Adda? Who is the largest?

Hi Friends,
As you all know IndiBlogger and Blogadda are the two giants in Indian blogging communities. Both of them claim to be the "largest community of Indian bloggers". But as an Indian blogger, I think we should decide which one is really largest and strongest. Let us go through different aspects and finalize who is larger!

1) Facebook Fan counts
As the most important factor now a days, let us start with Facebook Fan counts.
Facebook Fan Counts:
Blogadda: 2597*
Indiblogger: 4208* (2 times blogadda)
*At the time we checked it.
But the number alone does not make a victory. The Blogadda fan page is very active while Indi has left its page sleeping. Blogadda updates their fan page every now and then but Indiblogger updates it only when a special event comes up (usually).

2) No: of members
The number of registered users is far leading with Indiblogger. Thats proves that it has a better directory as compared to blogadda. But Blogadda is a pretty recently launched one, may be it may hit back soon!

3) Alexa Ranking
Alexa is the most widely accepted internet traffic ranking authority. According to Alexa, IndiBlogger ranks 8144 worldwide and 546 in India! While Blogadda? It has just the rank of 32,881 worldwide and 2,696 in India! Still then Blogadda claims to be the largest....

4) Advantages and Disadvantages (Quoted from Naveen- A bloger)

Indiblogger's Indi-vine system is good...but fresh blogs have little chance of attaining notice, since he will be unknown among the active group. Indiblogger's forum setup is excellent, you can have conversations with people and make blogger friends, most of my blogger friends are from Indiblogger. The ranking system is good, it induces a need to keep ur blog in best shape, and update it regularly, or else you see your ranking go down!

Blogadda: Blogadda promotes new members by giving notable newbie prizes, the name is put up in the Blogadda home page, which is good i guess... Blogadda has this difficulty to communicate, i have no idea what so ever how can i communicate in blogadda, no forums, big disadvantage. In blogadda, they also do the Tuesday tangy picks and Saturday picks, which also gives writers and good bloggers an opportunity to stand out among the rest and even gain popularity.

Contests in Indi vs Adda (as stated by Naveen):
Contests in blogadda have interested me more, the topics are better, interesting and the influence of sponsors are less, that means we don't have to praise a company to win the prize like in indiblogger, but just add the sponsers link in the post, which is good, it gives the writer the independence.

Blog4Info's view: This point of Naveen is not that relevant. Indi never asks the contestant to praise a firm. But it just asks to push in a link same as Blogadda. But the prizes are absolutely amazing in Indi as compared to blogadda.

There are a lot of brilliant features taking on in Indi and Adda.
The Indiblogger Meets: An awesome and amazing opportunity for all the Indian bloggers around the globe to meet and interact each other. Indiblogger has conducted meets all over India and abroad, Dubai and London are examples.

The Adda Interviews: Another appreciative feature, the interviews with renowned bloggers and web enthusiasts help a bloggers to learn and understand a lot from the secrets behind their success. Blogging indeed is a learn process to learn from!

A kind of cheap and forced link back is taken by blogadda. They insist bloggers to put up an image of the blogadda logo in their blog for it to get accepted!

Time of response to a query/ feedback: Indiblogger seems to be pretty quick in replying to any queries/ feedbacks, mostly less than 18 hrs. But i'm sorry Adda, you have not replied to my queries for the last 1 week.

The largest community of Indian Bloggers is:

From the above views we have proved that IndiBlogger is the LARGEST community of Indian bloggers even though both of them claim to be! But we never say that it is the best! Both have their own dashing positives and negatives, yet Indiblogger is the LARGEST!