Meet the blogger: Sudharsan Gunasekaran


The first interview on Blog4info is with Sudharsan Gunasekaran, a blogger and web professional currently working on Well, well know more about him through the interview. Read on!

Q: When and why did you start blogging?
I really dont know what to do to earn money after finishing my studies in 2009 ? So from the advice of my friend I started copy pasting article from other website and writing whatever i know but after some month only i came to know about blogging and realized the power of Online business,now I started blogging professionally and its going fine :D
2. Could you describe what you do?
Blogging, just sharing useful information to the world and trying to make money out of it and wan to make it an ultimate business in India.

3.What topics do you generally blog about?
I write about simple Blogging, SEO and Social Media marketing tips which I learned from my experience.
4. Do you earn revenue through your blog? If yes then how a blogger should monetize his / her blog? If no, then any plans in future?
I'm not a six figure blogger to say motezation tips to make money online but my earnings from online business fullfilling my pocket money :D. 
5. How important is it for the blogger to interact with their readers? Do you respond to all the comments that you receive? 
One loyal visitor is very important than having thousands of followers in twitter and Facebook, So interacting with them is a must thing that bloggers should do for their blog. When you site search my blog in google you can able to see that google display my blog link as forum posting which is a clear indication of readers engagement in my blog.
6. Every Techie’s dream is to see his/her on top of the world in terms of technology. If you were made the head of your country’s technology plans, what are the things you would implement and how will it help the people?

Wow...good question Ibrahim.

I dont have much knowledge about tech but if im the head of India technology plans world will end if its happens :P i will make Internet and Social media available for all people so that they can able utilize it well, as a result we can become super power in 2020 :D Because Online business is going to rock the world soon....
7. What advice would you give to a new blogger trying to drive traffic to their website? Could you share an example of the effects?
It needs 1 or 2 year for me to answer this question, Only thing I can say is keep on experimenting many things and try learn some experience. Build a strong social media base for your blog and try to get some good links from high Authority blog to improve your SERP rankings.Your first blog is like a "chemistry lab", if you need to find a good formula for success, you must try different kinds of solutions, some may harm you and some drive good results to your blog, So don't stop experimenting things.
8. Final question, what goals have you set you at the beginning and how have they evolved, and any last word for wrapping up this interview?
I dont have much goals at beggining but the only thing which occupies my mind is to make my blog blog high popular and authority in 2011. I'm going to start some WordPress services which includes theme customaisation, SEO, Blogger-WP migration etc.I must thank you for giving this nice opputunity to share my views and to engage with your readers. This is my first interview in my blogging carrier and this will be something special for me. My best wishes to you.