New gadget allows soldier to "See with his Tongue"

Lance Corporal Craig Lundberg was blinded by a rocket propelled grenade while on patrol in Basra in Iraq during 2007 but thanks to new glasses which is called the Brainport, the Blind soldier can now navigate his surrondings using his tongue. This new device is a mere technological marvel, the Brainport is a miniature video camera and sensory equipment works by converting visual images into a series of electrical pulses which are relayed to the wearer via their tongue. Different images are then built using different strength pulses then relays them to the wearer which allows him/her to navigate around objects or grab on to them and pick them up.
Presently the Brainport is only a prototype stage and sends information to 400 points on the tongue which the designers plan to increase to up to 4,000 points for clearer images in the future.