No clicks on your blog??


Hi Friends,
Today I am gonna discuss about blog traffic. Many people start blogging with great ambitions and wills but most of them gets melancholic and many gets succeeded.
Are you one who became successful? or Are you not receiving enough traffic to your blog?

Never get upset!! Many great bloggers did not receive any response for many many years. You will get clicked a day........ As a proverb states "Every Dog Has A Day". We all will have a day.

However let us see how to bring traffic:
1) Make your posts short
2) Make your posts attractive with pics and animations
3) Follow all the blogs you see, so you will be listed in their blogs
4) Comment everywhere in the web with your blog's signature

And many more things to do.....
Successful blogger: Please help the others to get clicked....

Even I am one who does not get much clicks... I am blogging for the last 3 years..
Still waiting for my day..