Taking Full Screenshots of Web Pages Was Never This Easy!

Do you want to capture a full screenshot of a web page without installing any software or browser extensions?
Well, here’s a simple trick.
Open the web page that you want to capture, go to the address bar of the browser and type "aviary.com/" just before the http:// part of the URL.
For instance, if your web address is something like http://blog4info.co.cc, the new URL will become aviary.com/http://blog4info.co.cc - hit Enter and there you have an editable screenshot image of that page.
Or add this bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar and you can even save yourself from typing aviary.com every time you want to capture a screenshot.

You can save the image to the desktop or further add annotation using the Type Tool, freehand brushes, arrows and other tools available in the Aviary editor. It can’t get easier than this.
And it even works with the Flash videos of YouTube.
Another web services that allows screen capture of web pages in the browser is Kwout.com though it won’t do full pages. [via RWW]

Compiled from: labnol.org