How to Create a New Topic in Wikipedia

You can create a new topic in the online Wikipedia. It is a free encyclopedia in which you can create or an edit an article. You can also create a new topic which Wikipedia applies to a category. Here is how you can create a new topic in Wikipedia.

Open an Account in Wikipedia
Enter the link in your internet browser to get to the Main page of Wikipedia. You can also key in 'Wikipedia' in Google or Yahoo.
Go to the top right corner of the page. Click on ‘Create account’ and register by providing your username and a unique password. The account gets created immediately and the username you selected will display on top of the page.

Create a New Topic in Wikipedia

Enter the link in your browser and enter the Main Page of Wikipedia.
Write the name of the topic to which you want to add information in the search box.
Click on ‘Go’ or press ‘Enter’. This will take you directly to the article that you want. Press on ‘Edit this page’ or ‘edit’ as visible on the side of each section. You will be directed to the ‘edit page.’
Log in to your account and go to the new page.
Enter the name of the category in the square brackets [ [ Category: Name of the category ] ]. For example, if you are creating a category for sports the format would be [ [ Category: sports ] ].
Preview the link and ‘Save page.’


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